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Data Security

Protecting your customer data is Votenza’s top priority. Because of this we rely on trusted security providers to protect Votenza servers, and your customer’s data. SilverSky uses BAESystems to ensure potential security threats are stopped at the gate, before they can even get near our servers. Every single IP address that attempts to access our system is scanned against hundreds of checks. If an IP address fails any check, it’s immediately dropped and blocked. All IP addresses outside of the U.S. are immediately blocked 100% of the time.  Some of you have even experienced your dealership’s IP addresses being blocked, and you couldn’t access Votenza until we unblocked you. Although this was an inconvenience at the time, it was Votenza’s security working for you.

1,035 security events were triggered and blocked during September. This number of “attempted attacks” may sound alarming, but hackers are out there pinging everything and everyone trying to find unprotected servers, devices, email and online accounts, and home networks 24/7. We want to ensure you that Votenza has the proper security protocols in place to ensure your data is not compromised.

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